About RangeExtender

Who doesn’t need an internet connection without any interference, lagging, or dead zones? rangeextender.net is here to help you out in getting your hands on the perfect wifi routers, extenders, and boosters so that you can enjoy a lag-free internet whether you are at home or in office. We have a team of expert counter-hackers, technical staff, and professional gadget reviewers who have been in this field for years.

Through our website, you will not only be able to buy the perfect products for your internet connection but will gather more insightful information. Our experts will tell you about how to secure your internet, how to extend signals to dead zones and many other things. Along with that, you will find categorized reviews about every product so that you will easily find the right extenders or routers for home, work, or gaming.

In our detailed guidelines, new have covered hundreds of issues you face with your internet and how you can solve them. Our teamwork and authenticity reflectin the content we produce and deliver. We take pride that our information-based content has solved a number of issues that our user faced before reaching out to us.

Our Professional Team

Clark is the head of our technical staff and leads every project when it comes to analyze and review any product. He has been an expert reviewer for our website since 2012, and the users are extremely satisfied with his unbiased reviews that he provides in the form of advantages, disadvantages, features, and setup.

Hanna Brooklyn is our head member of the counter-hackers team. She is acting as the managing editor of all the information provided about the password hacking, internet hacking, or extender’s account hacking issues. With her security secrets, hundreds of users are now enjoying a hack-proof internet.

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