The Working Of A Wireless Wifi Router Explained In Detail

In this world of modernity, the internet as taken over our lives both in a good and bad way. We have limited our world to stay connected with other people that are not even in front of us that we forget about the ones sitting beside us. However, the internet has also brought a revolution in the world to progress in a way that was unimaginable once.

Today, one cannot even think of his life without the internet because every field of life is connected with it. whether you need to start a business, work online, travel, or just need a recipe of brownies; you get everything with a click. But what if your internet connection doesn’t connect your devices with it?

Wireless routers are the most competitive, compatible, and reliable devices that are designed to connect all your personal devices with your internet connection by building a pathway. Let us take a deeper insight into what routers really are, and how do they work.

What Is A Router

A router is a hardware device that actually builds a connection between two IP address by connecting them with each other through signals. You will not have to worry about wired connections to your computer or other devices because a router helps your devices to catch signals through the bandwidth and frequency it gets from the wifi modem and transfers it to your devices.

There are basically two types of wireless routers. The first type of routers is used mostly in homes because they keep the devices connected with the internet within the range of the router, which is mostly 100 feet.

The second type of routers keep the devices connected remotely as well, which is why this type of wireless routers are considered ideal to be used in offices where there are a number of floors.

Pros and Cons of Wifi Router

Secure and adaptableComplex setup
Easy to share internetRisk of getting jammed
No hassle of wiresSlower than wired routers
Can add extra devices
Easy mobility without interruptions
Access point availability

How Doe A Wireless Wifi Router Work

The working mechanism of wireless wifi routers are easy and simple, but a bit advanced than the wired ones. With a wired router, all you have to do is plug in the cable of your phone or laptop where the router is placed and you will get connected to your internet device. However, this is not a compatible way to stay connected to the internet because it limits your mobility.

Wireless routers, on the other hand, transmits signals in the air. You must have a lot of device that you will want to keep connected to the internet. For example, your cell phones, PCs, tablets, and laptops should have a stable internet connection to keep the work going on.

A wireless router directs the incoming and outgoing traffic from the modem and transfers the speed to your connected devices. The data that is transferred from the modem to your devices passes through this gateway called the router that converts radio waves into internet signals. In short, the wireless router will create a computer network in your house that will link all the other devices just like a shared hub.

You are connected with network using SSID and password. Most important thing to keep in mind is that with various computer based and android applications, people made it very easy to steal your password and start using your internet. In those cases, this guide can assist you better.

How To Know If Your Router Is A Good One

There is a lot to consider before you finalize your purchase for a wireless router. Just like you spend a lot of time in buying your clothes, appliances, and personal devices, check all the basic requirements of a good wireless router. Make sure that your router is up to the mark in its compatibility with the wifi modem you have because not all the routers are compatible with every type of wifi modem. Following are the qualities of a router that will tell you whether your wireless router is a good one or not.

  1. Your wireless router supports dual-band or tri-band with a 2.4GHz frequency and bandwidth.
  2. The router is designed to be compatible with a smart home, is stable, and transfers equal speed to each one of your devices.
  3. MU-MIMO or 802.11ac Wave 2 technology support that can allow several clients simultaneously to connect to your wifi connection.
  4. Your wireless router has a stable dual-core processor running at 900MHz because it can deal with more clients at a time.
  5. Your router has its own smartphone app so that you can use it manually as well as remotely when you are not around the device.
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