How Does Wi-Fi Extender Work?

To bear those slow internet connections and sudden loss of signals, especially in some particular areas of house is such a torture. Isn’t it?

In this modern era, the internet has made our lives so easy, simple and productive. That we can’t even imagine a thought to live without it. It has become a priority for both homes and offices to have reliable internet access points.

Wi-Fi routers have offered us more convenience to stay connected to the web. You can connect to multiple devices at once and stay connected anywhere where the signals are available. But don’t know for what reason, the Wi-Fi signals that are available in each and every corner of the house suddenly stops reaching in the only room you are in. And that is the most annoying situation.

frustrated man due to low wifi signal

But worry not, every problem has a solution and for this problem, the only best solution is the range extender. So, let’s get to know a little bit about it.

What is Wi-Fi Extender?

Wi-Fi range extenders also known as Wi-Fi repeaters are mainly used when the signals are weak or when the Wi-Fi router is causing a problem in broadcasting the signals. A Wi-Fi range extender is used as a bridge to fill up the gap when two people are connected with each other over IEEE.802 but the distance is too long for a direct connection.

This device takes the existing signals from a Wi-Fi router device and rebroadcasts it to other areas where the signals are weak and creates a second network. These range extenders are usually used within homes and small offices.

How Does It Work and Where to Place it?

A range extender or repeater contains two routers just like your wireless router you already have. One router receives the existing Wi-Fi signals, amplifies them and transmits them to other wireless routers, which then broadcasts the boosted signals to the connected devices.

The ideal location to place the Wi-Fi extender is anywhere in the middle of the Wi-Fi router and the devices. You can also move the router closer to your device but must be in the range of wireless router. You can place the extender in the middle of your house and office so that the signals are transmitted equally to every corner.

When Do We Use Range Extender?

Wi-Fi range extenders are mainly used when there is no wireless hotspot in an area or if the area has too much interference. This interference is caused by many environmental factors such as metal appliances, electromagnetic radiations that disrupts the signals and microwaves from microwave ovens.

Range extenders are used when the distance between the device and the router is too great for the wireless interface card to receive the signals. And when you are working in an environment where there are multiple computers, hubs, and networks.

Benefits of Using Range Extenders

There are numerous reasons and benefits for using a Wi-Fi range extender.

Lengthens the Signal Strength

This is the major advantage of using a Wi-Fi booster. It will receive the signals, amplify them and transmit them to your device without having you move the router nearer to the device.

Overpower the Barriers

Heavy and solid physical things (for example heavy doors either of metal or wood, Cabinets and Appliances) can have a great impact on your wireless connection. Installing a wifi extender proves to be beneficial in these circumstances. It allows the signals to reach your device without being pass by these objects.

Allows More Devices to Connect with the Network

When using a Wi-Fi router in an office, the major problem that is faced by the employees is that it limits the number of devices connected to it and hence they can’t get enough signals. As a result, they have to purchase a large number of routers and place them in different rooms, which is really costly.

A range extender, on the other hand, boosts up the router’s signals and allow more devices to connect with the same network.

Drawbacks of Using Wi-Fi Range Extender

As everything is not perfect and always hold some issues. The Wi-Fi range extender also has some drawbacks that are:

Bandwidth is Halved

As the extender receives the signals from the routers, processes and boosts them and then sends them to the devices and vice versa. Therefore, the bandwidth of any device that is connected to the router is halved. This is the main disadvantage of the range extender.


if we ignore its only one drawback. A Wi-Fi range extender is no doubt the most helpful device to overcome your networking problems. Range extender will help extend your wireless network in the furthest corners of your home and office. Giving you a significant boost in your wireless coverage.

So, if you are facing any problem with the wireless network like slow connections and loss of signals. You must give a try to Wi-Fi range extender.

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