How Parents Can Control Their Kids Internet Usage?

The Internet is becoming a threat to the personalities of our children. Despite the fact that the internet is the biggest source of knowledge and information, our young generation is still getting ruined because of it. This is not because the internet itself is bad.

mother saving son from inappropriate content

But the way our children are using it makes it dangerous for them. If you think that removing the internet out of their lives will keep them safe from the bad world, then you are wrong. You can’t stop them from using a thing on which a whole world is depending upon it will make them an odd one out.

It’s not your child’s fault if he is visiting the forbidden sites, watching the wrong videos or playing the banned games, he will do anything which he finds interesting and you can’t jerk or scold him for that, otherwise, he will surely do it again.

The best way to keep your child away from all the harms of the internet is to simply control their internet usage. And how to do that? That is the thing I’m gonna share with you. in my article,

I have got some really simple and easy ways that may help you control your child’s internet usage.

Allow Them to Use the Computer in a Well Frequent Area

children using electronic devices in living room

Your biggest loss is when your child is using the computer in privacy. You don’t have any idea what he is watching and where he is visiting. Even if you find out by searching the history, he will easily save himself by saying this little sentence “I didn’t to do it, probably someone else was using the computer” what will you do then. You can’t insist on something you have no proof of.

But your child will never visit the forbidden places when you are around. So, place the computer that is well-frequent. A place where someone or anyone is always present. It can be a living room or kitchen.

Enable the Parental Control Features on Children’s Mobile Phones

parental control on phone

Don’t think that enabling the parental controls on the PC will protect your child from the harmful material on the web. Children can also access the web through their game systems, iPads, iPods, and cell phones as these devices also have the we browser. Even if they are not intended to visit the inappropriate sites, they inadvertently get access of those sites.

So, enable the parental control features in their mobile phones and iPad also, in this way that the places they visit would be filtered and will limit the access to the wrong websites.

Enable Activity Loggings

To keep the track of what your child is searching and where he is visiting, the best way rather than checking the browser history (as it can be deleted, plus you would have to walk and ask your child for the device. This will ring the bells in his mind) is to enable the activity loggings on your computer.

The moment you do this you would be able to record and monitor every activity of any IP address of commuter that visits the network. With this, you can watch whatever your child do even if he has removed it from history already.

Set the Time Limit on Your Router

limited time on computer

One of the biggest problems most parents face is at night when they are sleeping but their little ones are still up watching those screens. And when the morning comes, you have no idea what your kids have been doing all night.

So, to deal with this tuition, you can set the time limit on your router. All you have to do is go to the setup menus, enter your username and password, look for the parental controls or router access restrictions. Limit the usage time of your internet, disable it at night so the kids will sleep and only sleep at that time.

Allow them a fixed time of 3 to 4 hours in a day and not more than that. This will help you control some part of your child’s internet usage.

Purchase a Monitoring Software

If your child has somehow figured out how to delete the history of browser or he has managed to discover the password of your router to disable the activity loggings, the only best thing left tor try is to set up a monitoring software, you would have to purchase it but some programs already have it.

Set up this monitoring software and it will record each and every application running. Plus, point is, it would be a little difficult for your child to offense it.

Watch for the Wireless Access point

You can control your child as long as he is using your network. But the children of no-a-days are even smarter than us. Don’t know how but they sometimes manage to attach at their neighbor’s unsecured Wi-Fi and leeching off their internet connection.

So, beware of it. Check whether there are any unsecured signals of Wi-Fi in your home especially near your child’s room if there is you can do nothing but to ask your neighbor. Tell them about their unsecured Wi-Fi, explain your objective to them and ask them to protect their wireless control by putting the password.

Along with saving your child from the harmful web, it will also be an act of sympathy with your neighbors as they won’t have to pay the large bills for their network.


Feeling of loneliness, depression, and anxiety in children is increasing in this modern era. major cause is that children spent the most time on the internet, which drives them away from their families. The Internet is not really a bad thing but too many good things can turn out to be bad. So, limit the usage of your kid’s internet and let them enjoy family moments.

Control the internet usage of your children and be sure that they are using the web for the right purpose. The wrong use of the internet is causing a lot of destruction of the little minds. Visiting those dangerous sites that are not appropriate make the little souls full of questions and after that curiosity. And this curiosity for wrong things leads to the social damage.

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