When WiFi Extender Made Me Doubt My Wife

Sharing is very difficult for some people, especially when it comes to internet connections. Because everyone wants the highest speed covered by their device.

Sharing Wife, But Not WiFi?

Wifi stealing can make you extremely insecure because it can make your internet go slow due to an interrupted connection.

Would you imagine that I doubted my wife just because my neighbor used to roam around my walkway or the back wall of my backyard? I was so particular about my timings to come home from work and so was my wife in her evening walks and balcony entertainment.

When I replaced my WiFi extender with the best one, my wife was so happy because now she can use the internet in every corner of the house.

While I was worried about why my neighbor was always coming out of the front yard whenever I entered. He used to run whenever he saw me, and I was sure something was fishy.

I shook my manly pride aside and thought logically because every time I saw him, he was busy with his phone and then ran away when he saw me coming.

My mind clicked at the thought that maybe he is stealing my internet, which is why the WiFi signals were becoming sluggish. I followed these following steps and got to know that it was my WiFi that my neighbor used to come for and not my wife.

How To Know If Someone Is Using Your Wifi

If you want to know if someone is using your wifi, you can follow these simple steps just like I did and saved my marriage. Don’t let doubt come between your relations and catch the real culprit by playing smart. Look out for the ones trying to use your internet and take appropriate security measures to protect your wifi from hacking.

Understand Your Wifi Network

Before you go on shouting on others and blaming everyone for using your wifi, it is important that you have a basic understanding of your device as well as your connection stability.

Sometimes it happens that your router is not getting proper signals from the modem that results in lag and interruptions.

Along with that, the placement of your wifi system matters a lot. However, if you have checked, and everything is working fine wit your wifi, you can proceed to the next level of investigation.

The Low-Tech Way

This is just a basic level method to save you from the detailed process if you don’t have enough time. It can also work for you if you are not so much of a tech-savvy person. Turn off all the devices that are connected to your wifi including your smartphones, tablets, PCs, MacBooks, and laptops.

Once your wifi is free from all the connections, restart your device. Check the indicator lights of your modem. If there is still some activity in your modem, then it is a clear sign your wifi connection has intruders.

Check Through Your Web Browser And IP

Open up a web browser and type your local IP address in the search bar. Press ‘enter’ and get to your internet router’s access page. Any computer that is linked to your modem and router can operate this task easily.

Your IP address can be in the form of a properly formatted URL or just a series of numbers depending on the model of your router. Once you are done with this, you will get to the administrative interface. Enter your username and password and log into your account.

Go to the menu page and search for the “DHCP client list.” If you have already tampered with its settings, enter the password and submit. You will get a list of all the IP addresses connected to your router without your permission.

Wireless Network Watcher

Another high-tech and time-saving option is searching through programs. You can simply install the wireless network watcher program on your computer which will help you trace the IP addresses of all the devices connected other than the devices in your home or office.

Launch it after downloading, and wait for a minute or two till it completes its scanning process. After the scanning is done, this program will show you the complete list of the names of all the additional connected devices.

There are several other programs that you can use to see who is using your wifi. Identify the names of the devices you have allowed to stay connected with the router so it will be easier to know about the other users.

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