How To Set Password For Wifi In Mobile?

Wifi is the source of connecting you to the world 24/7. Before the advent of the internet, it was never thought that the world would become a global village by connecting people from far off places within a minute. Today, one cannot imagine the mobility of life without having access to a speedy internet.

Just as wonderful as the internet seems to be with all its benefits, there is something else that you need to be careful about all the time. Hacking, breaching, data theft, and illegal access to your internet are some of the major security threats that you can face, which is why securing it is essential.

Your wifi password is the main security key to your internet. Any unwanted access to your internet may cause serious problems for you. Hacker or illegal activists search for open wifi connections and the ones that have weak security so that they can continue their heinous criminal activity on your name.

setting wifi password in iphone

Resultantly, you will be considered guilty of all the things that were done in your name through your IP address. If you do not want that to happen, you need to take foolproof security measures for your internet connection to stay safe from hackers.

There are many ways to add and update your wifi password to make it strong and un-hackable, but if you are looking for an easy, quick, and effective way for doing so, your mobile is the key for it. if you don’t know how to set a password for wifi in mobile, this guide be of great help for your cause.

Setting Password For Wifi In Mobile

Setting a password for your wifi through your cell phone is as easy as eating pie. You just have to follow some simple rules, click some settings and you are done in no time. Below given details will help you out in setting your wifi password.

  1. The first thing you will do is go to the setting icon of your phone because you will find the wifi network settings within it. You will see an option for wifi menu. You can also do it by opening the taskbar of your phone and long-press the wifi icon.
  2. Once you enter your wifi-menu, tap on the name of your wifi network and forget it. After that wait at least 30 minutes before reconnecting to your network.
  3. Now tap on your network again, and enter the email id with which you created the account for this network. Enter your new password, and voila! You are now connected to your wifi network with a new password

There are specific applications as well on the play store from where you can easily set, update, or change your wifi’s password from your cell phone. Genie app is one such app that is popular for changing the password of your wifi without any hassle.

Just launch the application, and enter your wifi’s router name and password to log in to your account. On the dashboard settings, tap wifi and enter your new wifi name and password. Save the settings and the next time, you will get connected with your new password.

Other Ways To Keep Your Internet Connection Safe & Strong

If you are changing your password because of security threats, or some kind of unauthorized usages. This guide will solve your issue. Also note know one thing; you will have to change it again and again if the real issue is not resolved. There are so many ways through which you can easily make your network strong enough that you will not have to change the password time and again.

  1. A strong security encryption is a must-to-have if you want to keep your connection safe from any hacking. People use WEP that is highly non-recommendable. Although it is the standard security protocol, it is easy to get crashed. Make sure you are using a WPA2 security protocol
  2. Your router should have the capability of creating a separate guest network for the people coming at your place. This way, your network will be secured even if your guests are using the wifi of your house.
  3. Keep your SSID hidden from all the nearby networks so that becomes unreachable, undetectable, thus un-hackable too.
  4. Always use a firewall, MAC authentication, and VPN to keep your network private and away from the reach of any potential hackers.

Your internet connection is so important to you because breeching in it means a privacy breach, which is why it is considered as a crime. Following these simple steps, you can easily maintain the privacy and security of your network.

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