My WiFi Extender Got Hacked! What Should I Do?

You have always heard of your WiFi getting hacked, but have you ever faced a situation when your WiFi extender got hacked because of its striking and awesome range? Well, don’t get amazed because it is possible for someone to use your WiFi without crashing into your WiFi network.

When it comes to hacking wifi extenders are comparatively easier to hack than wifi devices. Most devices allow you to keep the default SSID. Not only that, most of the people use the same SSID, username, and password for their extenders that they have for their wifi modem. This makes it even easier to hack both at once.

What can be more disturbing than setting up an extender for increased range and still getting no progress because someone else is enjoying the range for which you paid? You will definitely do something about protecting your wifi. No need to cry in front of people about what you should do when your wifi extender gets hacked and read this article carefully.

Try These Secure Extenders Might Help You: Alternatives

There are so many signs from which you can easily get a clear idea as to whether your extender is hacked or not. All you need to know is the basic level knowledge to identify the signs and secure your wifi from the access of other hackers. A major sign is that you get ransomware message and fake antivirus messages.

Along with that, you will see frequent popups and people will notify you accepting the invitations that you didn’t send on social platforms. Your passwords will stop working and your important software will get deleted automatically because someone else is now tampering with your internet.

If you are facing any such troubles lately, then follow the below-mentioned instructions and save your wifi extender from getting hacked.

What To Do When Your Wifi Extender Gets Hacked

Nothing is impossible in this advanced world. If your wifi can get hacked, you can save it as well. All you need is the proper guideline to maintain its security. When someone takes control of your property, you cannot just sit back and hope that he will leave all by himself. It won’t happen. You will have to make your guards stronger, and tell that intruder who is the real owner of the wifi extender.

First Thing First: Change Your Passwords

One of the major signs as discussed above is that you get trouble logging in to your social media accounts, work accounts, and email ids because hackers love invading your privacy when they are in your range.

When they are getting the coverage that you wanted for your dead zones, they can easily enter your wifi modem and steal your important data. Make sure you change all your passwords as soon as you get a fake antivirus or malware update message.

Obtain A New IP Address

Your IP address is the gateway to get to your wifi and almost all the hackers reach out for hacking your IP address through which they will easily enjoy the bandwidth that you bought for yourself. Through a DHCP release, you can easily get a new IP address.

Note the original IP address provided to you by your internet service provider and renew your router’s WAN connection page to request a new IP address.

Enable WPA2 Protocol

Most of the wifi connections get hacked because people are still widely using the WEP protocol. It is highly advisable that you use the WPA2 encrypted security protocol as it is extremely safe. When you will shift to WEP to WPA2, you will see the difference. The hacker will not be able to crack the code of WPA2 encryption even if you allow him to hack your internet in front of you.

Don’t Use The Admin Via Wireless Feature

When you log in to your router’s account, the signals transfer via air, which can easily get in the range of the hacker, which they are eagerly waiting for. Disable this feature and shift your web interface login activity by connecting the device with the ethernet port. This will help you a great deal if someone tries to enter the administrative panel and tamper with its settings.

Anyone who is already connected to your extender without your permission will be instantly eliminated from the list of connected devices as soon as the transmission of signals gets disabled from your side.

Internet hacking is common and happens every now and then, but if you play your cards smart, there is no way anyone can intrude into your wifi no matter how far the range of your extender might be.

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