What Are The Security Implications If Someone Got My Home Wifi Network Password?

Giving your wifi password to anyone is like giving them the key to your privacy. Wifi network hacking has become so common and troublesome for people that its security has become more important to them than their own. Obviously, if your wifi network is in the access of anyone that can tamper with it in a negative way, you are most likely to end up in jail for a crime you never committed.

Once a hacker has his hands in your password, he can easily access your local network as well as all the other devices that are connected with the router. You should act more diligently when it comes to secure your internet network from getting hacked or misused. The thing that you should remember is that you can never trust anyone with your wifi passwords. Whether it is a friend, neighbor, guests, or any other person.

Security Implications

Anyone with the slightest information about data tampering and security breeching will easily get connected to all your devices. These devices will then be used for activities that you will never know about, but the IP address will be of your account. What can be more horrific than opening the door for police and getting labeled as a cyber-criminal without doing anything?

If you have just given your password to any of your guests and now you are worried about your internet getting hacked, follow these simple security implications. You will never have to worry about any breaching or tampering if you take proper measures to secure your connection.

Security Implications For Your Wifi Network Password

With the proper knowledge about the security implications of giving someone your wifi network password, you can easily save your devices, internet, and yourself from getting in trouble. Remember one thing, if you are giving your password to anyone even for a minute, you should know how to remove the access after it as soon as you can.

The Standard Method

One of the simplest ways of making your wifi network secure is never to give your password to anyone; be it your little nephew or your wife’s guests. Make sure that the password of your wifi is easy to remember for you but hard to hack and remember for anyone else.

Even if you give your password to anyone, remove their access as soon as they are done using it. change your password within an instant so that they will not be able to connect to your network unless you grant permission for it.

Let Them Use It Without The Password!

There was a time when not talking to the guests or giving them proper importance was considered inhospitable, but now things have changed. People find themselves unwelcomed if you don’t share your wifi password with the as soon as they enter your door. This has now become a new way of welcoming your guests.

What you can do is to buy a router that allows you to make a separate guest network. This guest network will be visible with a different SSID that will make your wifi connection and all your devices secure while your guests will enjoy the internet too. This is the safest and most effective way of securing your internet connection from getting tampered with.

What To Do When You Are Not At Home?

If you have to leave your home at the mercy of your guests by any chance, won’t you be worried about the things they can do? Your major concern will be your internet connection. Before sharing your wifi passwords with them, make sure you make it clear to them that no unlawful activity is permissible.

Don’t forget to enable the guest network for anyone who doesn’t live in your house. Create time-sensitive passwords that automatically disappear after the guests leave your place. Another important thing to do is keep your router’s security updated, and keep it somewhere locked so that no one can get physical access to it.

Use only WPA2 and AES encrypted security protocols for your router because it is the major source of your internet connection. If your router gets hacked, it means all the devices connected to it are in danger. Your privacy matters a lot, and you don’t want anyone to intrude in it without your permission. If you are not sure of what your guests can do if they have your password, the above-mentioned ways are guaranteed to prove effective in securing your wifi network password.

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