What Is A Travel Router?

On your way to a road trip or for a long weekend of hiking, camping, and enjoying? Well, you can’t afford to miss out on what is happening behind you when you are away. So, don’t worry and get your hands on a travel router to stay connected to the internet anywhere you go. If you aren’t aware of what a travel router is, and how it works, then this article will help you to the finest level.

A travel router is a type of broadband routers but wireless and smaller in size. It helps you to get connected with the public wifi networks easily whether you are in your hotel, at the airport, or walking up the hills. With a travel router by your side, you can easily stay connected with your work, your family, and friends so they can see how well you are doing on your journey.

Travel routers are small, portable, and easy to carry, which means you will not need to wait for a wired connection to get access to the open wifi of any place that you visit.

Travel routers actually work as wifi access points that connect your cell phones easily with the devices that cannot get connected to more than one device at a time. These routers convert the 3g and 4g signals into wifi signals that make it easier for you to connect not only your cell phone but your laptops and other devices as well. You can also check how many connected with router, instantly change user name and password if you found some unknown devices connected.

What You Need to know about Travel Routers

For the people who have no idea about travel routers, remember that you can even buy something else in the name of a travel router because of their shape. Most of the travel routers are shaped closely as portable hard disks, and people often misunderstand the differences in both.

If you think you might be among those people, you need to know about the major characteristics and features of a travel router that will help you determine.


These are some of the major characteristics and features that can help you identify the difference between a portable hard disk and a travel router.

  • Compact size
  • Portable
  • Battery-powered
  • Tethering capability
  • Wifi client support

No matter how similar both of them look, remember that a travel router will be smaller in size as compared to the hard disk. Travel router are portable because their size and design makes it highly convenient for carrying around anywhere you go.

You will get a built-in rechargeable feature in your router, which means that you will be able to use it for hours without any wired charger connected to it. Along with that, there are some advanced level travel routers that can join hotspots as wifi clients so that you can get fast internet without any interference and interruptions.

Your travel router will have the capability to connect you to the internet through a tethered phone when a hotspot connection isn’t available on the spot.

What are the Benefits

The best part about these routers is that you dint need to keep on connecting your mobile to different connections again and again. You just connect your travel router with the devices and it automatically sends signals to your cell phone or any other device connected with the router.

Using a travel router for internet access is the securest thing to do while you are out for a travel trip. Connecting your phone directly to any wifi network can risk your cell phone’s privacy because your personal data might get hacked or leak through a direct connection. Try protecting from neighbors as well.

You always stay connected with your family to let them know you are doing fine. You can keep on updating your social media statuses to let your friends see what you are enjoying. If you are on a travel trip, it lets you stay connected with your boss as well as with your clients.

Some Drawbacks

Everything has its own pros and cons. Same is the case with the travel routers. A major drawback of this device is that although you can make it secure, it doesn’t protect the data you share while connecting to public wifi. Apart from that, these routers need an external source to function, which means that you will get a limited range of connection even if you have connected it with your sim card.

What To Look For Before Buying A Travel Router

Before you buy a travel router for your next travel tour, make sure you have basic level knowledge of what a quality router should have in it. No doubt the size and portability are must-haves, but make sure look for the following qualities in your router:

  • 802.11ac Wifi standard
  • 5GHz bandwidth
  • Battery power
  • Ethernet ports
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