Mobile Miracle! Hacking Wifi Password Without App

Wifi is something that is now commonly hacked everywhere. You must have heard a lot about the 2007 cybercrime and the 2014 bitcoin theft. All this happened due to hacking.

Recently, researchers have found out that TPM technology has been showing signs of vulnerability due to high-end usage. Well! These are some serious issues, but when a common person tries to hack any other network, it is basically to get free wifi.

A lot of wifi password hacking apps are available on the PlayStore, but none of them are as effective as doing it by yourself. To cut short, there is actually no application that actually does to work for you in a snap. Good things never come easy, and you have to work hard to earn what you need even if for free.

There isn’t any one-click wifi password hacking app or device that will help you in mobile hacking.

Here, we bring some interesting and easy ways with which you can easily hack wifi passwords through your mobile phone.

Types Of Wifi Security Systems

The first and foremost thing to understand is that you are aware of the type of security you’ll be dealing with while hacking a password. There are different types of routers used in different places depending on the usage and security requirements.

Some high-tech router models support a 3 in 1 security system, which includes all of the below-mentioned system, while most of them supports one or two at a time. Let us have a look at the types of wi-fi security systems.

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

The wired equivalent privacy system is still used widely as a security protocol. However, it is the least secure of all the other encryptions. The WEP works just like a WLAN and provides security at the same level. This security system is the easiest to hack because it can get cracked within minutes if you try to get to the passphrase or expose the access point.

WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)

The wifi protected access protocol is actually extended to three further protocols named WPA, WPA2, and WP3. These protocols work as an alliance to create a secure wall against the wifi router that is using this security system. However, if you are smart enough to know, there are some flaws with these protocols as well. These flaws make WPA vulnerable to get hacked easily through your smartphones.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

WPS is the security setup that can give you a tough time in hacking the password of the router using it. However, nothing is impossible if you are determined. No doubt that system requires professional hacking skills to become accessible. Most of the multinational companies, law firms, and other high-end platforms use this security protocol to keep their information and activities private.

Wifi Hacking Without Rooting

If you want to hack a wifi password without rooting your phone, you can choose the easy non-root way to do your work. WPS Connect app is not a specific hacking app, but it is the easiest to hack o let you enter in another network. This app provides you with a number of PINs that can easily exploit the WPS security as well.

You will not have to root your phone to get connected to this app as it works with only the non-rooted devices.

Simply download the WPS Connect app, start scanning the available wifi devices, and wait for the program to generate the list. After that, you will get the details of all the wifi networks including their name, signal strength, MAC address, password security.

Select the device you want to hack and the program will provide you with a list of Pin codes try them one by one. If you fail to connect with the first device with the PIN code, try connecting it with others on the list. However, this process can take a lot of time.

Use WIBR Plus To Hack Wifi On Mobile

WIBR Plus is a brute force hack that makes a wifi network easily vulnerable and less secure for you to hack easily. This mobile app generates brute force after queuing all the available wifi networks and monitoring their speed and strength.

Download the WIBR file and install it on your android phone. Once you launch the WIBR+, you will instantly get a list of the security vulnerable wifi networks available near you. You will be asked the attack type you want on the selected network. You can perform a dictionary or brute force attack.

After selecting the attack type, make sure that you are connected to wifi all the time because this app consumes a lot of data and battery. The good thing is that you will not have to try all the given combination as the app will do that on its own.

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