My WiFi Booster Is 3 In 1

The world is advancing so fast and everyone wants to speedy access to everything whether it is their flights, transport, lunch orders, or wifi. The Internet is the center-point of every person because this digital life depends highly on the internet.

My work calls for speedy internet because a minute without internet is like losing a buck for me. Not only that, it helps me stay connected with my clients round the clock.

What I needed was a wifi system that will not only suit all my needs but also satisfy me about being secured and effective.

For the finest and most effective result in the uninterrupted internet range with a wide area coverage, you can combine your wifi set and create a 3 in 1 wifi booster system just like I did. But first, you need to know something more about these devices.

All You Need to Know about a 3 In 1 Booster

The dire need for an extended and uninterrupted high-quality network comes when you have to use the internet for a building, office or large-scale business.

A lag-free internet connection that cannot get tampered or hacked is essential to maintain the stability of your work. To create the perfect combination for a secure wifi, let us first know how booster, extenders, and repeaters work separately.

How Does Boosters Work?

Wifi boosters actually work as amplifiers to boost off the existing speed of your internet. It gets connected with your existing wifi router. A modem that is plugged in the wall gets attached to the booster through a wired or wireless ethernet port.

Your router or modem will have a set of internal or external antennas to catch up the signals through a limited bandwidth. However, a booster contributes to increasing the limit of your signal strength with its own antennas interface.

Boosters work great if you are operating with a business that is settled down on different floors of a single building because they are ideally designed to broadcast the exact internet range that you need for your work to go on without getting disrupted.

If your work is detailed and a lot of people have to use the internet, you can create a complete wifi system for your office by including repeaters and wifi extenders. Let’s see how they contribute to boosting your coverage range and signal strength.

How Repeaters Work

Wifi repeaters work best when they are attached with two routers connected to each other. Repeaters are used to cover up the dead zones where internet signals often dropdown.

These dead zone areas can be a far-off room from the router or the outdoor setting of your house or office where you want to work, play games, or go live. You can simply get a boost with an additional outdoor antenna.

To install a wifi repeater, simply plug it in anywhere you want the internet speed to get a boost. Connect your repeater with your computer and create a password and username for this newly added device.

You can use the same SSID as your wifi router if you have a memory loss issue. Repeaters usually support WPA and WEP that ensures the protection of your connection from any data theft or tampering.

How Extender Works

Just like the wireless routers, wifi extenders connect to your network through cables and ethernet. By far, wifi extenders have earned the most popular because of their easy setup, easy use, and portability.

Along with that, having a wifi extender connected to your router will eliminate all your dead zones, buffering issues, lagging, and broken range.

Another good news for you is that wifi extenders make the best match with wifi repeaters and booster as they enhance the performance of the former ones. The question here arises is whether an extender or a repeater is better to speed up your wifi. A detailed analysis might help.

Which one is “THE BEST” Option for YOU

Wifi Repeater Vs Extender

A repeater is easy to install and configure because they work just like your smartphones and laptops with the ability to get connected with your modem.

You can simply place them anywhere and they will catch the signals for your devices. However, it may sometimes limit the range and bandwidth of the signals.

On the other hand, wifi extenders can be placed in any dead zone area in your house or office and the work is done. Set up an SSID for your extender and plugin on the top floor of your house or the large room near your backyard to cover the indoor and outdoor area.

No doubt that repeaters excel more than extenders in terms of handling, but when it comes to boosting the range, increasing the coverage with tri-band and dual-band technology, and providing zero-interference, extenders are unbeatable.

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