I Got A Magic Device To Extend Wifi Signals From My Boss’s Office To My Room

Let me tell you a secret today! When you are an employee in a company, there are a lot of perks that you get but there are a lot that you don’t. It is in human nature that he runs after the things not accessible to him. I was such a curious soul that I used to get excited to get the things that are not in my range just like the wifi speed of my boss’s office.

In the office where I work, we were given limited access to the internet only for work purposes, but because I was an internet freak, I wanted to consume my free time or lunch breaks in research.

Sadly, the wifi range was not so much that it would crack and disconnect as soon as I used to reach the cafeteria. I was so annoyed that my boss came in for lunch with his MacBook connected to the wifi because he had the fastest coverage internet device in his office.

The good news is that, I have always been smart enough to find a solution for all my needs. I searched a lot, and finally got my hands on a magical device that is able to do internet wonders. It is actually a wifi router that I have kept in my cabin. Now, this router is my gateway to the wifi signals from my boss’s room. Isn’t it smart?

Let me tell you how amazing this router is, and how does it work to help me get to the wifi range even if I am in my cabin or in the cafeteria.

Wifi Standard

A stable wifi standard is mandatory to get increased access to hard to reach areas and dead zones just like our café. The old router that I was given by the office supported the old 802.11 b. To be honest, it sucked although I heard a lot about some high-speed ones.

This new router is an 802.11ac. I know I have paid a lot to get to this beauty, but it is worth every penny that I have invested. This technology allows a person to attach multiple devices at a time without any interference. I guess this is why my boss haven’t suspect anything till now.

Wireless Range And Frequency

This one is with the bandwidth that increase the speed of wifi up to 750mbps that makes it speedy enough to use it without any lagging in the work. If I have a lot of work, I easily get connected to the wifi of my boss with this router and easily complete the work in time. With its 5GHz frequency, I get a strong connection without overlapping with the devices that my boss has connected with his wifi device.


Speed is a must have with your internet, especially in corporate firms because you have to stay connected with your clients as well as your team members, other employees, and the management of every project you are dealing with. My router covers a vast area of almost 2000 sq. ft that makes it easier and more accessible for me to use it. The hardware of this router is made so fine, which is why it boosts up the speed of my internet with maximized speed.

Detachable Antennas

Do you face the same obstacles I used to face? Do you keep running here and there to get signals while your client is on video call? Get rid of all this embarrassment and become the best employee of your company by connecting a router with the wifi device of your office network.

Internal antennas may sound a little more attractive to you, but if you are not getting the result you want you cannot do away with those antennas. On the other hand, using a router with external detachable antennas, you can easily set them according to your need enhancing flexibility.

Security Of The Router

Another important thing about a good and extendable router is that is should be safe and secure. My router supports a WPA2 security protocol that makes it securer than ever. Although it allows you to use the same SSID, try to change the default username and password of the router for securing your connection.

Gigabit Ethernet

Go for a (1000 MB) gigabit ethernet port supporting router like I did, and forget about all the interruptions and breaking signals. Now, I dint feel any difficulty in transferring or receiving any data or client details. The ethernet port doesn’t really boost off the speed but it smoothens the downloading and streaming activities. It also has a USB port that makes it easier to access other devices like the scanner or printer.

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